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D&S Events has been designing and delivering treasure hunts around Europe for over 15 years. Whether they have been to support a new car launch in Sardinia for 400 delegates for a major car manufacturer or for a group of 5 staff from a company’s HR department in Newbury each and every one is designed just for you.

The treasure hunt is great way to launch a new product, refresh an old one, break up a conference or sales meeting, or even move staff or customers from one place to another.

Very often, budget will determine the type of event with a walking treasure hunt in a major city normally being the most cost effective with the three day Italian Job being at the other end of the budgetary scale. Check out our case studies section for examples of both of these events.

Sandwiched between these events is the option for driving treasure hunts in Minibuses, People Carriers, 4x4 Vehicles, Classic Cars and Minis. Public transport can be included in the form of the underground, buses and river taxis and we have even done events that have utilised helicopters!

Whatever you choose however, our creative team will start from scratch to develop a route and a set of clues and questions to challenge all participants.Enough questions and tasks will be set to keep all team members busy throughout your event. Specific themes can be chosen and we will even build in product information and brand messaging if so required.

As well as supplying all routes, clues and questions, D&S Events will supply all vehicles and driver/hosts as appropriate. Polaroid cameras to photograph the answers and a team float for refreshments and lunch en route will also be supplied.

D&S Events has developed a multitude of team tasks that can be ‘encountered’ en route that the team will be asked to complete before continuing the treasure hunt. A scavenger hunt is also normally included to ensure that all team members are kept active throughout.
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