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All the features of the fixed price treasure hunts are included in this special event but as the name suggests a variety of classic cars provide the transport. The other major difference is that you complete the driving in the classic car of your choice.

The Detail
So many choices to make: firstly pick from an E-type Jaguar, an Aston Martin DB7, a Triumph Stag, an MGB Roadster and many more both old and new. Next choose your venue, the Cotswolds, Cornwall, the Scottish Highlands, North Wales or the Peak District for example. Then make a choice of how long, what to do for lunch, shall we overnight and if so, where? Our creative team will be here to help with all of these choices and to give the best advice based on your brief, your objectives and your budget.

The Classic Car Treasure Hunt is perfect for a corporate event where a change from that traditional sporting event or motorsport theme is well overdue. These events will be themed and created just for you. If you need an event where partners are to be included this really is the way to go.

Once briefed, our creative team will provide you with some stunning scenery viewed from wonderful cars and a full route plan to ensure that no one gets lost. Clues will have to be solved en route providing, for those that require it, that little competition.Bonus points will be available for the best/funniest photos.

For all one-day events lunch will be provided in picnic form with hampers for each vehicle. For those winter months a variety of lunch venues will be suggested from pubs to coaching inns to that extra special restaurant.

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The ever-popular E Type Jaguar
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