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The success of a major event is all about the quality of the team providing it and as with all teams it is only as strong as its weakest link.

At D&S Events we have gathered a wide range of expertise across a wide range of disciplines over many years of delivering quality events to and on behalf of major international blue chip companies.

Our creative team do not just follow, they innovate and then deliver; our team does not believe that you cannot reinvent the wheel!

Andy Neale our Project Director excels in people management and also in gathering the right suppliers to deliver the key functions. Having worked extensively on events he understands what is required of the team and ensures that they have both the skills and the motivation to deliver.

On his first major event the client feed back was, ‘that’s the best event I have ever been on.'. It is very gratifying that on another recent project, the weeklong Mazda RX-8 dealer launch at Silverstone, the same comment was also passed.

For other major events that D&S Events has supplied see Case Studies under the main site menu above.
Major Events
Major Events
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