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Kent Treasure Hunt
People carriers at the Castle

Egypt or Kent?
An enquiry from our web site was received from a company in Tunbridge Wells with some 20 employees. It was time for their annual day out and having previously had a day in Paris and a days water sports activities in Nottingham they now wanted something more local that would include all staff of different ages, backgrounds and interests.

Tunbridge Wells got the creative team all excited, bless them, they had never been there before! However, having spent a day over the maps and researching the Internet of they went for the recce.

The day started with breakfast rolls, tea and coffee followed by the all-important briefing. On arrival the 21 participants had seen a plethora of people carrier cars in the hotel car park but after the briefing they were nowhere to be seen.

And so the scene was set for the day, clue number 1 was to find the days transport and host/driver.
After a short walk and some exercise for the brain the teams set off in the people carriers and spent the morning solving cryptic clues and taking photos around the Kent & Sussex countryside. Although mostly local, the route took the participants to many places that they had not visited before and certainly tested their ingenuity and team work as navigation and clue solving were all required at once. And then just when they were on top of things a set of supplementary questions was dropped in that required the help of friends on the phone and the Internet!

A pub lunch next to a National Trust Castle was very welcome where much bribery was attempted! So called ‘right’ answers fetched as much as a pint of the local ale!

The afternoon saw the teams enter the castle and the questions ensured that the teams had to visit every corner before heading off back to the hotel for tea and cakes and the prize giving.

A final photo clue on route back and yet another set of surprise questions ensured that everyone was busy.

Praying on the steps to nowhere
The Italian Job
It must be here somewhere...
And so another innovative and inspiring event passed with the client once again very happy. The following quote was received in the office the very next day;

‘ Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge "Thank you" for organising our Car Treasure Hunt of yesterday.
The whole office enjoyed themselves, and that is a first for a very long time!!!
We all had a really enjoyable day, and the photos are proudly displayed on our notice board.
Please thank the Guys for all their driving and Vanessa for helping us to organise it.
We know where to come the next time.....’

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