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With a huge amount of experience across a wide range of driving disciplines from ‘L’ to track work and from rallying to LGV the team at D&S Events is perfectly placed to provide you with this unique High Performance Driving Course. The course will cover all aspects of high performance driving, including the all important attitudinal issues. The head is key to all safe driving and particularly when applied to high performance driving.

Our driving specialist will come to you or you can come to us either at our Marlow based offices or at our off road base near to Warwick. Our Look, See, React presentation will set the scene and during this briefing we will also cover the basics of cornering, overtaking and weight transfer.

Our specialist will take to the wheel to set the scene, to put into practise some of the key points from the briefing. Following this short demonstration you will take to the wheel under our watchful eye. There will be plenty of time to learn and then perfect each of the techniques covered and our specialist’s patience and communication skills will quickly allow you to improve both mental and physical skills simultaneously. Where appropriate all road types will be covered.
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On arrival at the off road facility we will cover in more detail the technical side of motoring and explain the myths that surround oversteer/understeer, ABS and the like. Weight transfer and the laws of basic physics will be brought into the equation and then its hand on time again. In the safety of the off road environ you will complete repetitions of the same exercises beginning slowly and building the speed at your own pace and within your own comfort zone.
Our specialist will of course encourage and assist you through the learning process as you progress to previously undiscovered heights.

The time during the day is all yours but regular breaks will be taken, not just to refresh physically but also to continually recap and discuss the key points. The day will be full of informal briefings and discussion, the only fixed rule being that there are no fixed rules.

Our specialist may again give a short demonstration drive during the afternoon session complete with a commentary as he/she explains what they are seeing and how to position the vehicle as an extension of the body. It’s then over to you to put together all of the practical and mental skills picked up during the day to continue around the learning curve on the journey home. Our specialist will again encourage as you reap the rewards as we learn how to overtake safely and make progress, within the law.
Our in house design team who between them draw on personal experiences as Police Class 1 drivers, track and rally instructors, ‘L’ and fleet driver instructors and across a wide range of vehicles have put together this innovative and unique drivers day. The day is available on a date to suit you and can be shared with family or friends for just £495.

Extra days are also available at just £425 when taken consecutively and for those venturing abroad foreign driving techniques can be covered either at our off road facility or by venturing across to the European mainland.
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