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Post ‘L’ driver training was born in the mid 1980’s and at this time some of the UK’s leading companies signed up their fleet drivers to receive training. Many of the first companies to sign up were those that already had a culture of safety and good staff welfare policies. Petro-chemical and pharmaceutical companies were the backbone of the early Fleet Driver Training Industry. There were but a handful of providers at this time but with the advent of the 1990’s other major blue chip companies started to take on board the idea of Fleet Driver Training and the new industry began to flourish. In the late 1990’s Health & Safety in the workplace became ever prevalent and with it a ‘Duty of Care’ towards employees.

This in turn brought about new methods of marketing from the driver training companies and a new stick with which to threaten companies became available.

As such the industry is now full of marketing ideas with many firms signing up to a variety of methods with which they can tick the Health & Safety box and keep the Company Directors out of court!

However, if your company is serious about improving driving standards, saving money, improving staff welfare and complying with Health & Safety law to boot then get in touch now.

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